Have an AI idea you want to discuss?

Or want to work with us in a specific region?

We will be happy to discuss.




Have an AI idea you want to discuss?

Or want to work with us in a specific region?

We will be happy to discuss.

About Us

AI is changing the world, and we work as an enabler and facilitator in this transformational process, by combining our expertise in AI, with our extensive experience in entrepreneurship. For more than 2 decades we have been building ventures across the globe, while also honing our deep tech skills.

At Venture Factory, we work as co-founders with anyone who can make a substantial impact on the world by leveraging the power of AI through entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Partnership Thesis

We believe that disruptive innovation happens at the intersection of multiple disciplines or competencies. While our expertise focuses on AI and the launching of ventures, we look to partner with co-founders who come with their own competencies. These could be domain expertise, access to data, access to certain markets or geographies or even just innovative ideas and a lot of passion for entrepreneurship & AI.

Many have ideas about what AI can do in their industries, or their regions, communities or networks, or with the data they have access to, and we at venturefactory.ai provide them with a complete solution to materialise and pursue these ideas by setting up a new entity along with us.

What We Offer

We believe we can add a lot of value to anyone who sets out to co-found an AI venture with us. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with us:


AI Expertise

venturefactory.ai is clearly focused on building AI ventures, and our expertise in AI is what drives this focus. In all our ventures, we take primary responsibility in building and implementing the AI solutions that usually form the core of the venture.


Entrepreneurial Experience

We’ve been building companies in diverse sectors, across different continents, over the last 2 decades. We are now at a stage where we can do it efficiently at scale, and we are sure this de-risks and simplifies the entrepreneurial journey for our co-founders.



Being early stage investors ourselves, while we do not raise or try to raise external funds for ventures under venturefactory.ai, we bring in the funds and resources required to boot strap every portfolio company under this initiative. Financial participation from our co-founders is not a prerequisite.


Creative Design Support

We understand the importance of branding and designing at the initial stages of a venture, and our in-house design team helps every portfolio venture of ours with its design requirements.


Administrative Support

We see many founders struggling to focus on operations, because of administrative requirements. Our team manages almost all administrative aspects of most of the ventures in our portfolio.


Finance & Accounting Support

Another aspect that distracts and stresses many operations or tech focused founders is finance management or accounting. Our team usually manages that for our portfolio companies. With comprehensive MIS and monitoring being made possible for all founders.


Zero Risk Entrepreneurship

We partner with co-founders who find it difficult to invest or bring in capital for their equity, as long as they can add value in kind. This gives them an opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship with no financial risk, and with many other administrative risks mitigated.


Global Market Access

Venture Factory is setting AI ventures around the world, with many of these ventures having the capability to cater to their regional markets effectively. This network provides a global market access of all our portfolio ventures.


Incubation Expertise

Venturefactory.ai is promoted by Venture Way, a unified global startup ecosystem that has been incubating startups since 2015. Through Ideatory, an idea stage startup studio and Alphabay its predecessor, we have been trying to master the art and science of incubating ventures, and insights from this journey bolster every venture under venturefactory.ai


Synergistic Network

Our framework allows for synergistic global partnerships between our different portfolio companies such that the different ventures under venturefactory.ai benefit from each other. Market access, domain expertise, regional expertise, data access etc. are shared across the different ventures such that everyone benefits out of the synergistic global AI powerhouse that venturefactory.ai strives to be.

Our Portfolio